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Tender Assist Limited

Tender Assist has been involved with supporting The Green Triangle since its launch in May 2015.

Our role is to help organisations bid for Public Sector tenders. The green/environmental requirements for tendering has grown in recent years so involvement with an organisation like The Green Triangle provides an invaluable source of information for our clients.

I was delighted to be invited by Tara Clarke – Business Development Manager of The Green Triangle - to deliver the keynote presentation at the inaugural Breakfast Meeting on the 16th September 2015 which was held at the Rothampstead Research Centre in Harpenden. The event was well attended and I was able to explain the benefits of considering Public Sector tendering as a way to grow business to a keen audience.

Tender Assist continues to support The Green Triangle by attending networking meetings and spreading the word amongst our clients. Tara and her team deserve credit for the clear and efficient way these are set up and delivered.

David Hatmil
Director – Tender Assist Limited

JPA Furniture

JPA Furniture were so impressed with the concept of The Green Triangle and the collaboration of Hertfordshire’s world leading research institutes namely, BRE, Rothamsted Research and The University of Hertfordshire that we needed no encouragement to show our commitment and become their first sponsor in 2015.

Through our work with The Green Triangle and Tara Clark in particular, JPA’s own sustainable business strategies have advanced further than we had ever thought possible. It has lead to collaborative work on Innovation Projects with the University of Hertfordshire, Innovation Voucher research with the Institute of Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge and several local recycling and upcycling schemes including a furniture re-manufacture pilot at BRE which is very exciting.

Tara has opened our eyes to the range of possibilities and opportunities within our grasp if we engage in the sustainable process locally, and to the fact that any company and any size of company can make an impact locally by the way that they operate, the goods that they choose to sell and the way that they integrate into the community.

We cannot thank you enough for your support which in turn has given us the confidence to the change way we work for the better and to keep investing and developing new products and services which will benefit our staff, our clients and our community in Hertfordshire.

Fiona Edwards
Sustainability Director, JPA Furniture