The Green Apple Awards

The Green Triangle partners are working to create new knowledge to enable Green Growth

Hemp stalk in the construction industry

UH is developing new hemp stalk-based ultra-sustainable construction materials and techniques with a low carbon footprint and reduced costs. This is funded by the Low-Carbon KEEP Scheme in collaboration with Modece.

Smart Energy Control

Electronic control ‘ecosystem’ which captures information from electricity generation, monitoring, control and consumption devices and uses these to optimize the overall system performance. Builds on SASH, a TSB funded project led by BRE in partnership with UH.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell projects

EU funded project across UK, Spain & Turkey within three market segments (Air/Seaport, Light Logistics and Industrial), to develop a plan for wider deployment of fuel-cell powered forklift trucks within Europe.

KTP project with UH and UPM Group Ltd to develop system integration and automation of Balance of Plant systems for fuel cell stacks.

Other energy related projects led by UH

Cropping Carbon

One of the four major programmes at Rothamsted Research is aimed at optimising carbon capture by grasslands and perennial energy crops such as Willow as a renewable and sustainable alternative for fossil fuels. Using genetics, biochemistry, physiology and agronomy of carbon flux in Willow and other crops, Rothamsted is exploiting its unique knowledge on genetic mapping of Willow characterising those regions of its DNA associated with high biomass and energy production. Genetic transformation of Willow is being developed also to provide a rapid means of testing the function of potentially useful genes.

Delivering Sustainable Systems

Designing, modelling and assessing sustainable agricultural systems to provide secure and increasing amounts of healthy food and provide renewable energy without reducing other ecosystem services. This programme aims to research and understand the means by which food production can be delivered through better ways of managing pest control, biodiversity, grazed grassland and soils. Crop Protection, one of four areas within the programme, aims to prolong crop protection tactics in the face of various pressures and to develop alternatives to traditional pest control (e.g. the use of ladybirds and wasps to control greenfly attacks) using Rothamsted Research’s knowledge of ecological, genetic and molecular basis of adaptation.

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