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7th February 2018

New business-research partnership to boost farm efficiencies

British agriculture needs to become more efficient - and one way to do that is to improve nutrient efficiencies both in crops and livestock, according to Timac Agro UK - which recently opened its new head office at Rothamsted in order to meet those demands.

Cyril Cappe (left) and Bim Afolami (right) at the official opening.

24th October 2017

Is this small printing company in Oxford the greenest in the world?
Article by Mark Piesing for iNews

If the workers at Seacourt want crisps for lunch, they have to take the packaging home with them. There are no rubbish bins in their offices, nor on the factory floor – none at all. This isn’t the only thing that’s different about this printing business, hidden away on a busy industrial estate in Oxford. Used teabags, for example, go to the attic of the building and into a giant wormery, which turns organic waste into a nutritious liquid that can be poured on to local allotments.

The printing industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. But here the noise and stink of heavy machinery are long gone. Instead, there are large, grey computer-like boxes that look as if they belong in Silicon Valley – hi-tech machines that work without chemicals and water, and use light to dry their products in an instant.

Then there is Seacourt’s use of 100 per cent renewable energy; the row of electric cars plugged in outside; the time the company spends visiting suppliers in France and the Czech Republic just to help them reduce their impact on the planet. It even pays for plastic to be recycled that would usually go to the dump. The list goes on. None of its waste goes to landfill, and the carbon footprint of your house is bigger than that of its factory – and it still turns a decent profit.

Seacourt is not a trendy start-up but a business founded more than 70 years ago. It has just won the European Commission’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (Emas) award for being the first zero-waste printing company in the world. This is on top of three coveted Queen’s Awards in sustainable development.

These awards have attracted a slew of A-list eco-friendly clients such as Planet Organic, the Woodland Trust and even the Government’s own Committee on Climate Change. “The award from the European Commission is a massive thing because it tells us we matter – keep up all the good work,” the managing director, Gareth Dinnage, tells i. “It tells our clients that we are doing exactly what we say we are doing – and this is important for the reputation of their brand.”

However, in the wake of the Brexit vote, should we care what the European Commission says? “Climate change doesn’t stop at our borders,” says Mr Dinnage.

In June, Seacourt went a step further, being certified by the sustainability adviser ClimateCare as having gone “beyond carbon neutral” in offsetting its entire operational footprint plus an extra 10 per cent.

“What’s unusual about Seacourt is that they are not a start-up or part of a big business,” says Frederik Dahlmann, an assistant professor of global energy at Warwick Business School. “They have clearly put in a lot of labour and effort over time, and seem to be collecting awards almost on an annual basis. It is clearly an important tool to convince customers in a very competitive market that sustainability is achievable.”

According to Mr Dinnage, Seacourt’s journey to what it calls “net-positive printing” holds many lessons for companies that want to follow the same path. It all began with an epiphany 20 years ago when the directors were invited to a conference on sustainability and print, at a time when few other people were interested. Although initially unenthusiastic, when they heard that the printing industry was the fourth or fifth-largest polluter in the world, they thought they had to do something about it. “At that moment in 1996, everything changed,” says Mr Dinnage. “We couldn’t unhear this information. We could either act upon it or not act upon it. We decided to act.”

Key to the success of Seacourt has been its revolutionary new technology. It wanted a waterless printing press, incorporating blue-light LED technology, but this was a challenge. “We spoke to four or five of the leading manufacturers, and no one wanted to build it. They just didn’t get why we wanted it.

“In the end, we did find a Japanese manufacturer who did, and a company in Reading who could help us design our own dyes. Over 12 months we built it, and that’s what our third Queen’s Award was for.”

Working with Jake Backus, the managing director of the management consultancy Empathy Sustainability, Mr Dinnage also tries to spread Seacourt’s influence down the supply chain – even if it’s not always welcome. “Has anyone ever told us to bugger off?” he says. “Yes, they have, but we don’t work for those people. Not everyone gets it.”

Printing is known as a very conservative industry, but all the same, there has been a change in attitude. “Today people want to work with us because they share our values and beliefs. It’s all about waking up in the morning and feeling good that you are making a difference”. Even in how you wrap your lunch.

In the end, says Mr Dinnage, “my responsibility as a business owner is that if I can find a way to reduce our impact as a business then I have to do it, for the sake of our society.”

Read the article here

5th October 2017

Timac Agro UK partners with Rothamsted to deliver real farm improvements

Farmers stand to benefit from cutting edge research into plant and animal nutrition after Timac Agro UK established its head office at the Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise (RoCRE).

The firm, which specialises in revolutionary crop and livestock nutrition – from fertiliser to mineral blocks – has moved to the Hertfordshire site to further develop its research and industry links. “Our job is to enhance nutrient efficiency, to better meet plant and animal needs and help farmers to make greater margins,” explains Cyril Cappe, general manager at Timac Agro UK.

“As a global company we are always investing in research and development, with over 70 partnerships with universities around the globe. However, UK farmers have specific challenges and needs, and by working with Rothamsted we can develop specific solutions.”

Timac Agro manufactures everything from arable and grass fertiliser to bio-stimulants, soil conditioners, mineral blocks, bedding and slurry enhancers. “We want to help build a sustainable business for farmers and for the next generation of Timac Agro UK,” says Mr Cappe. “To do that we need to go a bit further than everyone else, working with scientists and experts in their field to increase nutrition efficiencies.”

Rothamsted Research is the longest running agricultural research station in the world, and the associated RoCRE provides a hub for agri-tech businesses, promoting collaboration and innovation by partnering research with commercial organisations. “We now have 15 businesses on-site and we are delighted that Timac Agro UK is joining the Rothamsted community,” says RoCRE executive director Chris Dunkley. “By partnering in this way the science that Rothamsted does becomes more relevant and practical to the wider industry, and we are very much looking forward to working together.”

With the support of its parent company Roullier Group - which has an 8,000m2 global innovation centre in Brittany, France – Timac Agro UK has already funded a Rothamsted PhD project on the control of tillering in wheat, and is developing a demonstration platform on the facility’s 400ha farm. “We will be able to carry out trials and bring farmers along to see what we’re doing,” says Mr Cappe. “We also have access to the large conference facility and a network of like-minded agri-tech companies which will help us to extend our innovation and ability to think outside the box. This move is a key milestone to allow further development and reinforce our links in the UK agricultural market.”

For more information contact Annalise on 01582 958444 or email

8th September 2017

25th July 2017

Global goals are local business – or why should small and medium companies care about the Sustainable Development Goals

Did you know that the UK has adopted something called the Sustainable Development Goals?

Well, if you do, you are one of few. Only 1 in 10 UK citizens know about the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs as they are called for short. How come so few people know what the SDGs are?

To read the full article by Jade Advisory Ltd click here.

25th May 2017

27th April 2017

Constructing Excellence East of England Awards 2017

Constructing Excellence East of England awards celebrate the projects and companies that deliver high performance in the sector. Winners from the regional awards will go forward to the National Constructing Excellence Awards.

Entries should be emailed to by 5 p.m. on Friday 12th May

Submissions should relate to work primarily carried out during 2016, or for an example of organisational change where the majority of effort/impact took place in the calendar year 2016. Submissions must relate to activities in the East of England:

  • Organisations and projects in Norfolk should enter via CE Norfolk Club
  • For organisations located elsewhere in the East of England (i.e. Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk) please enter by Friday 12th May 2017 Please do not hesitate to contact us on 03330 430 643 if you have any questions.
Click here for more details.

BRE and The Green Triangle Launch ERDF Funded Project

The Hertfordshire Low Carbon Innovation Network (LCIN) project is providing sector-specific support to Herts-based SMEs to develop innovative low carbon technologies & services for the built environment. The project identifies market demand from groups of built environment client organisations, and encourages SMEs to respond and engage with real world challenges.

The project has been designed to overcome key barriers to entry that inhibit Herts-based SMEs from realising their full potential in this high growth market by providing targeted innovation support to eligible SMEs. The LCIN also offers opportunities to access major local and national markets and supply chains, and to develop new technologies, including through testing and piloting.

The Hertfordshire Low Carbon Innovation Network (LCIN) project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is being delivered by BRE, Green Triangle and Synoptic Technologies.

25th April 2017

6th March 2017

Secretary of State visits Enviro-tech Enterprise Zone

Growing the enviro-tech sector in St Albans District topped the agenda when the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government visited Harpenden on Friday.

Sajid Javid met Cllr Julian Daly, Leader and James Blake, Chief Executive of St Albans City and District Council at the Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise. Representing Rothamsted Research at the meeting were Angela Karp, Director – Science Innovation, Engagement and Partnerships and Chris Dunkley, CEO of the Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise (RoCRE).

They discussed how the Green Triangle initiative is raising the area’s profile as a world-renowned centre of excellence in green technology.

Key Green Triangle members include Rothamsted Research, known globally for its work in agricultural science, and the Building Research Establishment, a world leader in the built environment. Other members include the District Council, the University of Hertfordshire and Oaklands College.

The Green Triangle was instrumental in getting government approval for a multi-site Enviro-tech Enterprise Zone for west Hertfordshire.

The Zone will help to attract new green technology businesses and investment to the area. It is being developed with Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Dacorum Borough Council, Hertfordshire County Council and St Albans City and District Council.

Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, said: “It was great to hear about how the Green Triangle initiative is helping drive local economic growth in St Albans. The project plays a key role in bringing new businesses, investment and jobs to the local area.”

The Secretary of State heard how Rothamsted Research has already set up a unique hub focused on promoting innovation through collaborative partnerships with commercial agricultural technology businesses. Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise opens up the research process by providing businesses access to world-class facilities and researchers, as well as laboratories, offices and meeting space.

Cllr Daly, who is also Chair of the Green Triangle, said: “Local authorities can play a crucial role in developing an economic growth strategy for their area by identifying and supporting sectors with potential for commercial expansion. Here, we brought world-renowned key players in green technology together to help develop the enviro-tech sector locally. New businesses are getting access to top-class research facilities and support at Rothamsted Research. Local education providers are also developing courses focused on the enviro-tech sector to enhance the skills of apprentices in the workplace and students in higher education.”

Left to right: Chris Dunkley, CEO of RoCRE; Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government; Cllr Julian Daly, Leader of St Albans City and District Council and Chair of the Green Triangle and Angela Karp, Director – Science Innovation, Engagement and Partnerships at Rothamsted Research.

20th October 2016

The Green Triangle and JPA Furniture have launched the Need to Feed Challenge for local businesses as part of Sustainable St. Albans week. We are hoping to get as many businesses involved as possible and will even be making flash nominations through social media. It will be a really fun competition to become involved in and will even generate some free PR for your company, so why not get involved and register today.

8th September 2016

17th August 2016

14th July 2016

6th May 2016

13th April 2016

The Green Triangle – Finalist in the Inspiring Herts Awards

Less than a year after the launch of The Green Triangle, the partnership have been shortlisted as finalists for the Most Promising New Business category with the Inspiring Herts Awards. The Green Triangle are delighted to have been shortlisted, especially after only a short time of operation. We are now awaiting the final which will take place on the 16th May to find out whether The Green Triangle will be taking home its first award.

Herts Awards
13th April 2016

4th February 2016

26th November 2015

New Enterprise Zone to be created in Hertfordshire

17th November 2015

JPA Furniture’s and The Green Triangle’s Sustainable Christmas Tree Competition

23rd October 2015

One of The Green Triangle’s partners land massive international win. BRE, Tsinghua University and Evergrande sign a £200m built environment science deal at UK-China business summit.

There has been some massive news for one of our partners – BRE. Please see the below link

BRE, Tsinghua University and Evergrande sign a £200m built environment science deal at UK-China business summit

29th September 2015

Rothamsted Research, based in Harpenden are currently seeking to recruit at Business Development Manager with a focus on AgriMetrics – salary range is between £37k-£50k. Closing date for applications is the 2nd October. More details of the post can be found here.

25th September 2015

Enterprise Zone bid to bolster economy in West Herts

An ambitious bid to create an Enterprise Zone in west Hertfordshire – with the potential to create thousands of highly skilled jobs - has been launched.

The zone could also attract hundreds of new businesses and help unlock key development sites.

Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) along with St Albans City and District Council and Dacorum Borough Council has submitted the bid to the Government.

It is for an Enviro-Tech Enterprise Zone to bolster the economy in rural west Hertfordshire.

The bid concentrates on the LEP’s priority sectors for economic growth, with the emphasis on environmental technology.

If successful, the Enterprise Zone will help to support and develop the existing enviro-tech sector in west Hertfordshire. It will also help to attract more businesses to the area thanks to its excellent national and international transport links.

The multi-site bid covers Maylands Business Park, Hemel Hempstead, and land in Dacorum Borough, west of Green Lane. Other sites include underused land and buildings at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and Rothamsted Research.

The bid also addresses potential economic development land near Buncefield, identified in the St Albans consultation draft strategic Local Plan, but still subject to the Local Plan process.

The projects have been developed in response to the Government’s invitation to LEPs across England to bid for new enterprise zones in partnership with local authorities. This was announced in the summer Budget.

There are currently 24 Enterprise Zones in England. The Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department for Business will decide what schemes will get the go-ahead later this year.

Benefits for companies operating in Enterprise Zones can include discounted business rates. The wider benefits for communities include attracting business and creating jobs.

A meeting of St Albans City and District Council’s Cabinet on Thursday 24 September was briefed about the application.

LEP Board Member, Councillor Julian Daly, who is also Executive Leader and Portfolio Holder for Planning and Conservation for St Albans City and District Council, said: “We are long-term champions of the Green Triangle’s aim to make the most of the green technology ‘know how’ of BRE, Rothamsted and the University Of Hertfordshire. An Enviro-Tech Enterprise Zone will help us advance the Green Triangle’s agenda.

“It can bring new firms and highly skilled jobs to the county which will be welcome.”

The Green Triangle is a partnership organisation involving three leading research institutes - BRE, Rothamsted Research and the University of Hertfordshire.

Supported by St Albans Council and Oaklands College, the Green Triangle aims to establish Hertfordshire as a globally renowned centre of excellence in green technology.

More details about Enterprise Zones are available at:

More details about The Green Triangle are available at:

Councillor contact:
Cllr Julian Daly, Executive Leader and Portfolio Holder for Planning and Conservation, St Albans City and District Council
Tel: 01582 715645 Email:

Contacts for the media:
John McJannet, Principal Communications Officer, St Albans City District Council
Tel: 01727 296130

Lucy Gravatt, Communications and Engagement Manager, Hertfordshire LEP
Tel: 01707 358662; E-mail:

NOTE: About Hertfordshire LEP:

Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership is one of 39 LEPs across the country, tasked by the Government to drive forward sustainable private sector growth and job creation. Its Strategic Economic Plan focuses on three Growth Areas. These have been defined spatially around the principal road and rail corridors of the M1/M25, A1 (M) and M11/A10.

The Hertfordshire Enviro-Tech Enterprise Zone application is for west Hertfordshire, which falls within the M1/M25 Growth Area.

Find out more about Hertfordshire LEP at

2nd September 2015

17th July 2015

3rd July 2015

St. Albans gets switched on.

Over the past six months, The Green Triangle have been working with a local company who provide infrastructure, technology and other services in order to promote the use of EV taxi’s. Electric Blue, based in St. Albans had previously installed a rapid charging point in Watford and has launched it’s second on in St. Albans – read their full press release here (could you please link to the PDF which is attached to the email). The Green Triangle are now supporting Electric Blue with the 2025 Campaign which aims to completely decarbonise taxi’s across Hertfordshire in the next 10 years. We are pulling together a Hertfordshire wide steering group to drive this forward, so watch this space for updates. More information on Electric Blue and the 2025 Campaign can be found via and

1st July 2015

Supporting our local businesses

The Green Triangle are stepping up to support our local business community by supporting the St. Albans Chamber of Commerce’s Community Business Awards and the new Best Business Women’s Awards. We would like to encourage as many businesses as possible to take part, so make sure you check out the websites and get entering.

30th June 2015

New Sponsor

The Green Triangle are delighted to announce that we have gained a new sponsor. Matthew, Arnold and Baldwin LLP based in Watford are one of the biggest law firms in Hertfordshire and also have offices in London. The even better news for our members is that they will also be adding to The Green Triangle products and services. MABs have kindly offered to widen out generic business support offering with free surgery sessions for our members and 10% off of their commercial rates.

For more information on MABs visit

22nd June 2015

St. Albans Business Festival/The Hertfordshire Business Expo

Following the successful launch of The Green Triangle we took advantage of the St. Albans Business Festival to step out for the first time since at The Herts Business Expo in the Alban Arena to reach out to a wider audience of businesses. The event was vibrant, bustling and had an amazing buzz about it from the moment it opened. The Green Triangle stand was really popular, we had an opportunity to meet with a high level of businesses who had not previously heard of us, we expanded our network and have had on-going discussions with a number of new contacts that we met on the day.

12th June 2015

Herts FSB Awards

Last night, The Green Triangle attended the FSB Hertfordshire Awards where we were reception and programme sponsors. A fantastic night was had by all – it was clearly the biggest and best so far and it was great to see a number of new businesses there who had not been previously involved. Excitement was heightened when new sponsors of The Green Triangle, JPA Furniture collected The Green Award, proving that any sector and industry can go the extra mile for sustainability.

The Green Triangle have also been invited to guest present the Green Business Award at the FSB Bedfordshire Awards on the 25th. We are delighted to be taking this opportunity to support businesses in our neighbouring County whilst raising our profile and spreading the word of who we are and what we do.

9th June 2015

The Green Triangle gains its first sponsor

The Green Triangle would like to welcome on board our first sponsors. JPA Furniture are an independent and family run business based in St. Albans supplying commercial furniture solutions in their key areas of London and Hertfordshire. JPA are focused and committed to sustainability and carbon reduction, they are leading the way in their industry by looking at new projects and schemes that can support both their clients and the environment. For more information on JPA visit

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of The Green Triangle check out our sponsorship page (could you link through to the sponsorship info page please).