The Green Apple Awards
Hertfordshire and Beyond

The Green Triangle starts here... but its aims cross the borders

The work of The Green Triangle partners is physically anchored to the region of Hertfordshire and it contributes significantly to local employment and GVA, however the scope and significance of the research and business activities carried out by BRE, Rothamsted and UH goes a long way beyond the borders of Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire map

Much of the work done by these organisations and The Green Triangle supporters has national and international breath, and often their brands are better known outside the UK than they are over here.

One of the aims of The Green Triangle initiative is to attract investment to the region, and to support the growth of other like-minded companies that want to establish themselves in this area.

At the same time, we want to provide an opportunity for SMEs and other organisations in the "Green" arena to export the best of British to other countries.